Fixed and mobile telephony

All costs related to the use of a landline or mobile phone.

Postal charges

In spite of the digital age, there are some areas that still require the sending of mail (bailiffs, lawyers). This is a considerable expense and it can therefore be optimised if you don’t pay a fair price.


The implementation of solutions to have green energy at a lower cost.


Are you sure you’re always up to date with your insurance? Are you sufficiently insured and at the best rate?


Good management of recruitment, training and placement of staff in the right functions.

Business Applications

Finding the right software that will allow you to better serve your customers, or to be more visible, is also often a time-consuming and energy-consuming task.

ICT Solutions

Also use our knowledge for all your computer, network and internet installation requests.

Business development

It is a service whose mission is to find new vectors for the growth of a company, it must provide solutions, projects… to develop the turnover in a direct way (new customers or products) or in an indirect way (marketing, communication).
Working with the sales, marketing, financial and legal teams, they must coordinate ideas and teams in order to create new activities within a company.

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