Our organization

Nous sommes un centre d’expertise spécialisé dans l’optimisation des frais de fonctionnement qui accompagne les entreprises dans leur développement, en leur proposant des solutions adaptées à leurs besoinset en supprimant les dépenses inutiles ou cachés.

Our scope of action extends over 4 axes

Single Contact


You only have one point of contact to centralize your interactions with the different suppliers so you don’t waste time contacting your different suppliers.
Saving time = Saving money

Un gain de temps = Un gain d’argent



To each his own! Ours is cost optimization. We accompany you in setting up services adapted to your needs, at the right price.

In addition, we make you autonomous in the management of your suppliers and allow you to make savings of up to 40%.



We offer you quotations from several suppliers, so you will always have a choice! Even the choice to stay with your current supplier, but at a lower cost. This has a double advantage: to make an inventory of your expenses and to offer you the most attractive rate according to your structure and your needs.


We accompany you throughout your development. Gone are the 15 people you have on the phone who don’t know you and who take you from one department to another. Your dedicated Twem advisor knows your situation and is committed to helping you on a day-to-day basis.
Twem takes care of you and your money.

And what is saved can be reinvested!