About us

We have been working with companies of all sizes for over 20 years and we have found that many of our clients have expenses that they did not know about and continue to pay out of habit.
When Twem was founded in 2011, we focused our assignments on the implementation of ICT solutions that optimise costs in telephony and IT.
But why limit ourselves to telephony when the savings can be made elsewhere. Since 2018 our mission is to optimize operating costs in the broadest sense.

And how will we pay ourselves, you might say. It’s true that we don’t do this out of charity, but for most of our services, we pay ourselves on a percentage of the profits you make over a year. This challenges us to find all the unnecessary costs of your company. The more we save you money, the more we earn! If that’s not a win-win!?


We consider each client unique, because each of your needs are different and we build a long term relationship.
At TWEM you are not just a number.